Tax Reduction & Credit

Tax reduction & credits annually.

Employer Benefits

Tax savings from direct contributions.

Employee Benefits

Pooled benefits to the employees after 10 years of investing.


As a small business owner, you understand the challenges of staying competitive while managing limited resources. Offering a robust retirement plan can be a daunting task, often perceived as an expensive and complex endeavor. However, this company realized that failing to provide such benefits could hinder their ability to attract and retain valuable employees, ultimately hindering their growth potential.


After exploring various options, the company partnered with our retirement services specialists. Together, we crafted a tailored retirement plan that not only addressed their employees' long-term financial security but also provided significant tax advantages for the business.

Through our expertise, the company implemented a plan with a generous employer match. This strategic move unlocked substantial benefits for both the employees and the business:

Employee Benefits:

  • With a modest 6% annual return, the employees' pooled contributions are projected to reach an impressive $100,000 within 10 years, setting them on a path towards a secure retirement.
  • The ability to contribute pre-tax dollars to their retirement accounts allowed employees to maximize their take-home pay while building their nest egg.

Employer Benefits:

  • The company realized substantial tax savings of $3,000 through deductions on their contributions to the retirement plan.
  • Additionally, they benefited from a remarkable $11,000 in tax credits, further enhancing their bottom line.

By partnering with our retirement services specialists, this 10-employee business not only secured the financial future of their valued workforce but also reaped significant tax advantages totaling $14,000 annually. The implementation of a comprehensive retirement plan has fostered a loyal and motivated team, positioning the company for long-term success.

Don't let retirement planning intimidate you. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our experts today and discover how we can help your business thrive while ensuring your employees' financial well-being.

Company Profile

A 10-employee business, where the part time team earns an average salary of $38,000.